Final opening

finished media piece from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

This is my finished and final opening. I have added my ident on the front as this would be what a real opening would have, I have also added my title to the end of my opening. I also added a few more clips in to lengthen my opening and added titles to these clips in the same typed font as the others are written in.



6th Draft with titles

6th draft twoooo from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

I had to create some new titles as I added the meat clips for my 6th draft. The titles are the same, being typed in by letter.

This is a screen shot of my opening in After Effects, this is where I added my titles to my opening.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 14.44.17

This is a screen shot of my 6th draft being edited in Premiere Pro.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 14.47.09.png

6th Draft

6th draft from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

This is my 6th draft, I have added some more clips to the opening as I needed to lengthen the time. I decided to add clips of meat to add a more disturbing feel to my opening. I want the viewer to feel uncomfortable when watching the meat clips and I feel that I have achieved this as I have really focused on the texture of the meat with the camera and have used close ups to show the meat fully, this makes it look more disgusting.

5th Draft

Titles from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

This is my 5th draft with titles.

For my 5th draft I added some more clips to my opening as I wanted more shots of locations as I added the girls in. For this draft I have added titles, I am having the titles typed in as I feel this suits my genre and looks good on my opening. I added the titles using Adobe After Effects. I made sure that the titles didn’t overlap shots and I kept the to a suitable time so that they could be read easily by the viewer.

Evaluation question 7

final question 7 eval from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Over the course of my media AS level, when I look back at my past media work I can see that I have improved. This can be seen when you compare my Preliminary to my final film opening task. The shots are better planned out and thought about in detail, my steadiness of he camera has improved so the quality of my timing has as well. 

I used the preliminary at the beginning of the course to get used to using a camera and learn how to change things such as the shutter speed, the IOS and the focus. It also taught me to use a range of different shots, such as close ups or the 180 degree shot. Not only did this task help me with using a camera but it also helped me to plan out how I wanted it to flow and how I wanted to edit it. By having to edit my preliminary task on Adobe premier this taught me how to edit and arrange things in different orders.

Even though I did learn a lot from doing these tasks for my final opening I brought in more skills such as adding effects and titles to it which I didn’t have to do in these tasks. Adding effects such as colour corrector to my clips of my opening made them more effective and added more of a realistic crime feel. I learnt the basics from doing tasks such as the Preliminary task, like how to position the camera and how to use it in different lighting and these skills did help me to create my final project. However I have improved a lot from then as I have used more of a variety of shots and have made them more exciting by adding affects such as speeding up a shot or even just adding titles with a typed effect really makes a difference to a clip.

Overall I feel that my opening does show to a certain extent what I learnt from doing these types of tasks, however I brought it up a level and showed more of a range in my opening than in the tasks as it was done to a higher standard, where I spent more time perfecting the shots and editing them to make them fit in with both my theme and genre.

Evaluation question 5

evaluation 5 from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

How did you attract/address your audience?

I made a target audience survey at the beginning of my research so that I could gather information on how I could attract my target audience to my opening. I found from each question I asked I could analyse the answers to make my opening attractive to my audience.

I found out by this question that my target audience were older teenagers, this meant I could introduce some quite grown up situations in my opening and that they would still understand the concept and could relate to some of the emotions shown.

These grown up topic I showed in my opening are things such as alcohol consumption which I showed by using a bar scene, prostitution which I showed by using girls appearances and their makeup and smoking and theft. 

Knowing that my target audience wanted to see a crime movie set in a back alley I included this in my opening as this gave a sense of isolation from the public and a place where dangerous and unpleasant doings can take place.   

My target audience wanted to see gangs in my opening to my crime film, I instead looked at gang members each individually as this gave a more variety crime feel. Having more than one character made the opening feel more realistic and cased the viewer to question what each character was doing and show them that each different character had a story to them.

To attract my target audience to my characters I needed to choose costumes that made the crime situation feel real, I wanted a more realistic look for my characters so I chose very chavy clothing for them to wear such as joggers and mostly black clothing as many people associate the colour black with bad things and crime and I wanted this to be portrayed though my costumes.

Evaluation question 2

evaluation qu 2 from Nicolle Drieu on Vimeo.

Evaluation Question 2

How does your media product present particular social groups?

my characters and locations in my media product fall into the poor working class social group. This is shown through the illegal doings of the characters and the way in which they are presented.

They are shown as poor and working class though their appearance, the teenage boys shown in my opening are dressed in very casual clothing such as joggers and hoodies, these are stereotypical clothes for poorer social group such as working class to wear as they are cheap. Even though the girls in my opening are well presented at the beginning, their smudged makeup towards the end shows the painful and unglamorous side to their career which I am portraying.

The locations I have filmed are very rough appearance wise as I wanted to give off a cold and eery vibe that would cause people to think of crime and wrong doings. These locations are also where gangs would be seen to hang around, places such as cities, carparks and back allies. The locations aren’t meant to be seen as pleasant as i’m trying to capture the poverty that people of this social class have to live in and around.

Another film that uses appearance of their characters and locations to present a working class social group is Corp an Anam. They show their characters in very similar clothing as to what I have, the joggers for the male representative. They have also filmed a lot of disturbing and rough looking locations to show the poorer side to this class and their surrounding. They also show very rebellious behaviour and illegal doings which shows a social group in itself.